Frequently Asked Questions

Skylights and Roof Windows

What type of roof is suitable for a skylight?
Many types of roofs (from a 2 degree to 85 degree) pitch can be easily installed with skylights - for example, tiled, kliplock or custom orb.

Do skylights leak?
No, the Pan Pacific Home Improvements installation procedure ensures a weatherproof finish.

Will my house be hotter in summer due to the extra sunlight from my skylight?
No, not if your skylight of roof window is manufactured with double glazing or a low E glass.

May I cover up the sunlight coming from my skylight when I want to?
Yes, Pan Pacific Home Improvements can fit a blind or louvre system as you require.

Do I need council approval for a skylight or roof window installation?
In most cases, no.

How long does a skylight or roof window installation take?
A simple skylight installation can be completed in one day. If there are multiple skylights the job will take longer and if internal work has to be completed such as gyprocking an open shaft, please allow extra time.

Can you provide and install motorised opening roof windows?
Yes we can. This will require final wiring by a licensed electrician (we can provide).

What is the life span of a skylight or roof window?
An acrylic dome will last approximately 15 years and a glass skylight will last much longer.

Do you offer a warranty?
Yes, seven years on material and installation and one year on electrical components.

Will my skylight survive a hail storm?
Our skylights and roof windows include both toughened and laminated glass that will withstand hail in all but the most extreme cases. Acrylic domes are also very resilient to hail because of their shape and construction. Being acrylic however, their strength will deteriorate over time and for this reason we recommend replacing domes every 15 years.

I live in a bushfire prone area? Do you have a fire rating?
Yes. We can provide a non combustible skylight manufactured with Georgian wire glass that meets the Australian Standard relating to bushfire areas.